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Read PDF Files on Your Palm PDA


PDF (Portable Document Files) are a popular way to carry documents from one computer to the next while maintaining formatting and the overall look of a document. The PDF format is also commonly used to store eBooks.

Generally speaking, PDF files are meant to be viewed on a large computer screen. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t view them on your PDA as well. In fact, there is a number of software programs on the market today that will make a PDF file very readable on your Palm PDA’s screen. Here’s a look at some popular options:

Adobe Reader for PalmOS

Adobe makes a PDF reader for the PalmOS, but it requires a conversion step before you can view documents. Adobe Reader for Palm OS will re-flow text so that it better fits the small screen and is easier to read. Adobe Reader for Palm OS will preserve graphics and images when re-flowing text.

Documents To Go

This suite of products lets you view, edit, and create Microsoft Office files on your PDA. The program also has support for PDF and ZIP files. Documents To Go Premium Edition also has support for embedded graphics and password-protected PDF files.


This free program lets you read PDF files natively without converting them first. PalmPDF also supports links inside of PDF files as well as custom skins. For better view-ability, you can re-flow text using a text-only display mode.
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