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PDA vs. Smartphone

If you're trying to decide whether a PDA or a smartphone will better suit your needs, consider these factors.

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The iPAQ is an HP-branded PDA that runs...

Top iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad Organizational Applications

A look at some popular organizational apps for your iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

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This article tells you how to properly clean your PDA's screen.

Protect Your PDA with a Case

One of the best ways to keep your PDA in top working condition is to protect it from the bumps of everyday life. Check out some of these cases to find one that will best suit your device and lifestyle.

Find & View Recipes On Your PDA or Smartphone

Trying to decide what to cook for dinner? Whether you have a specific dish or ingredient in mind or are just looking for some new ideas, these mobile websites full of recipes can help.

Organize Frequent Flyer Numbers Using Your PDA

By storing information such as frequent flyer numbers on your PDA, you'll have one less thing to try to remember. Here's how to keep track of all of your frequent flyer numbers…

Windows Mobile Device Center

Windows Mobile Device Center, or WMDC, replaced Microsoft ActiveSync...

Tips & Tools

Make your PDA work for you by following these tips and using these tools.

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