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Ilium Software Screen Capture

Take Screen Shots of Your Windows Mobile Device for Free

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Ilium Software Screen Capture
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Ilium Software’s free Screen Capture program is a handy tool that makes taking screen shots of your Windows Mobile PDA very easy. One of the things I really like about this Screen Capture program (besides the fact that it’s free) is that you can program a key on your PDA to take screen shots. This eliminates the need to toggle between programs when you’re trying to capture a particular screen. After installing the program, you can define which key will initiate a screen capture using the Options menu.

Start Capturing

To use the program, open it, leave it running in the background, pull up any application or screen you want to capture, press the capture button, and wait until you hear the capture confirmation sound (assuming your device is not muted). Screen shots are automatically stored in the My Documents folder on your device. When you’re finished capturing screen shots and you want the assigned hardware button to return to its normal function, all you have to do is hit the Exit button to stop the Screen Capture program. In addition to setting a Key to capture screen shots, the Options menu also lets you select a Timer Wait period in seconds. With the timer feature, Screen Capture will automatically capture a screen after a preset number of seconds.

Supported Devices

Ilium Software Screen Capture© Ilium Software
Ilium Software’s Screen Capture program supports Windows Mobile 6 Professional, Classic, and Standard; Windows Mobile 5.0; Windows Mobile 2003SE; Windows CE 4.21; Windows Mobile 2003 (touchscreen devices only); and Windows CE 4.20.

Get Your Free Copy

To download a free copy of Ilium Software’s Screen Capture program, visit http://www.iliumsoft.com/site/fp/screen_capture.php . Ilium Software makes a complete installation file available for installing the software from your computer as well as CAB files for installing the software directly on your device without a computer.
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