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Dragon Updates Mobile Dictation App

Thursday July 29, 2010

Recently, the Dragon Mobile Apps Team announced the launch of Dragon Dictation 2.0 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This newly updated app now supports iOS 4 and comes with Read More...

Study Shows Importance of Digital Files

Wednesday July 28, 2010

Recently, a report came out that claims 84 percent of computer users say their hard drives are more of a reflection of their personality than what you would find in their wallet. This made me start thinking about our PDAs: would you say your PDA better reflects your personality than your wallet?


AT&T Adds Free Public Wi-Fi Hot Spot

Tuesday July 27, 2010

AT&T has had a few hiccups when it comes to having enough bandwidth to support all of its smartphone users. To help alleviate some of this congestion, the wireless carrier launched a free Wi-Fi hot zone in New York City's Times Square in May. This week, AT&T announced that will add Charlotte, N.C. to this pilot program.

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HP Won, But Palm Entertained Offers from Apple & RIM Too

Wednesday July 21, 2010

Before the HP-Palm deal was said and done, there was plenty of speculation as to who would buy Palm. A few contenders had been mentioned, but we never really knew how serious any of them were about buying Read More...

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