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We all love to play games on our PDAs. What’s even better is free entertainment. Here’s a look at some popular free games for your Windows Mobile PDA or Pocket PC.

All Mobile Mines

The object of this game is to locate all of the mines as quickly as possible without accidentally uncovering one of them. If you uncover a mine, you lose the game. This game is similar to the PC version, but is optimized for stylus play and can be enjoyed in landscape or portrait mode.

Cherry Chaser Slot Machine

Turn your Pocket PC into a slot machine. In this game, cherries light up on a grid. Get three in a line and collect one of five exciting features. The main screen shows the winnings for all combinations


Also known as xwords, this game is an open source implementation of the popular Scrabble game. The game features up to four players, hints, the ability to save a game, and more.

Cube v0.6b

Put a Rubik's Cube on your PDA with this fun game. Extra features let you record the game and replay the game. The game supports any screen resolution (SQVGA / QVGA / VGA / WVGA).

EdgeWay Turbo 21

Try to make as many 21's, blackjacks, and trik5's as fast as you can in this game. The latest version has enhanced graphics and sound along with more levels and bonus rounds.

FreeCell for Pocket PC

Play a mobile version of this popular PC game on your PDA. The latest version of FreeCell for Pocket PC has a Next Game command that lets you play games in numerical order. The developer also improved the Undo feature in the latest release.

Halma Sharp 1.0

Called the most peaceful board game, this mobile version of the game Halma has three difficulty levels and unlimited undo and hints. The object of the game is to move your pieces to the opponent’s corner.

Pocket Sudoku

Catch the Sudoku on your PDA with this fun game. You can generate puzzles with one of six difficulty levels, solve any valid puzzle automatically, get hints when you’re stuck, and more.

RushHour v4.4

In this sliding block puzzle game, your goal is to drive your red car out of the playing grid and escape to freedom. In order to do so, you’ll need to set up the traffic on a game grid and then shift blocking cars and trucks out of your way.


This version of the popular Yahtzee game lets you play using one or two players in single or triple versions. The latest version includes Yzee Bonus and Wild options.
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