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Stay up to date with the latest news on your Palm PDA using a RSS reader. Here's a look at ten popular options.

1. Bloglines

Bloglines is a server-based RSS. You can use the same account on your PC as on your Palm PDA, simply by navigating to the mobile version of the Bloglines website. Bloglines uses a two-pane user interface and allows you to group subscriptions into folders.

2. FreeRange

Create custom news feeds based on keywords and search for and add feeds using FreeRange. This program displays the headlines and summaries for news items and provides the full story with a simple click.

3. LiteFeeds

This personalized RSS reader lets you synchronize with your online subscription, view images, send emails, and more. You can also choose which feeds from your online account are published to your mobile device.

4. MMPlayer 2.3.0

MMPlayer is a media player with gapless playback and a new RSS form that you can use to download new podcasts automatically so that you can you can listen offline.

5. NewsFlash 2.2

Add and manage your favorite RSS feed bookmarks using eight predefined categories: Business, Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Sports, Technology, Top Stories, Travel, and Others. This software comes with 26 bookmarks that are already linked to RSS feeds from various sources.

6. Quick News for Palm OS

Download news feeds via HotSync or using a direct Internet connection on your Palm PDA. Quick News for Palm OS supports embedded images, attachments, podcasts, and more.

7. Resco Neeews! for Palm OS

This program offers over 500 high quality, predefined feeds and also supports podcasts with its own player. You must have Web connectivity in order to use this program.

8. SplashNews

This free RSS reader brings news, sports, technology updates, and blog feeds straight to your device and uses banner ads to keep the service free.

9. TopStory

TopStory claims to help you “cut to the chase” by letting you tailor information to fit your criteria. When you first launch the program, you’ll get access to popular news and headline sites. You can then select and customize the sources to fit your needs. This program is free and ad-supported.

10. AvantGo for RSS

Get the latest RSS feeds from media outlets and other publishers using AvantGo channels. AvantGo will optimize the feeds for viewing on your Palm PDA. Because AvantGo synchronizes the information to your handheld, the content is available, even if you go offline. Note: After June 30, 2009 this service will no longer be available.
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