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Spb Pocket Plus 4.0.2 Review

A Powerful Windows Mobile Add-on

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Spb Pocket Plus 4.0.2 Review

Pocket Plus provides helpful shortcuts with the Today Screen plug-in.

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One of the features many of us find very useful on our PCs is the ability to add shortcuts to our desktops. These shortcuts give us easy, one-click access to the programs we use the most. If you’ve been looking for similar functionality for your Windows Mobile smartphone, then look to Spb Pocket Plus.

Helpful Features

With Spb Pocket Plus, you’ll get a Today screen plug-in that displays shortcuts to programs in different tabbed categories. For example, the Connect tab has shortcuts to Internet Explorer, Messaging, the Connection Manger, and much more. You can customize any of the tabs as you see fit. You can also choose the size and location of an icon within a tab.

Adding shortcuts to the Today screen isn’t the only helpful feature that comes with Spb Pocket Plus. This handy program also includes a small battery monitor that sits at the very top of the screen and provides a visual cue to let you know how much battery life remains. This battery monitor doesn’t interfere with other applications, either, so you’ll always have the information without having to sacrifice valuable screen real estate. In addition, Pocket Plus provides for countless customization options so you can turn features on and off or change the appearance of the program to best suit your needs.

Close Button That Really Closes

Pocket Plus adds functionality to Windows Explorer.

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Users with an older version of Windows Mobile will especially appreciate the Close Button that comes with Spb Pocket Plus. If you’ll recall, Windows Mobile doesn’t close applications when you hit the X button; it minimizes them. This can bog down your device because programs are left running in the background, even when you’re not using them. With Spb Pocket Plus’ Close Button, the X button in a program will actually close an application. You can also tap and hold the Close Button to see a task manager with a list of all running programs and a shortcut to close them.

Added Functionality for Windows Mobile File Explorer

Spb Pocket Plus adds ZIP support to the Windows Mobile File Explorer. It also lets you view and edit file extensions and attributes and check the size of a folder. Another handy addition with Spb Pocket Plus is an on-screen navigation button that helps you navigate one folder up in the File Explorer.

Internet Explorer Becomes a Full-Featured Browser

With Spb Pocket Plus, Internet Explorer gets support for tabs, similar to what you would have with Internet Explorer 7 on your desktop PC. You can also access the search feature quickly, view page source information, and save Web pages easily with Spb Pocket Plus.

That’s Not All

Spb Pocket Plus comes with many additional features as well. For example, this application comes with over 30 skins for a unique look. The latest version also adds quick scrolling to documents and lists, making it even easier to find a name in your Contacts listing or other information in a document. To give the software a try, you can download a free trial from Spb’s website.

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