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Windows 7 and Your PDA

Consider This Before Upgrading


Microsoft released its latest operating system, Windows 7, on October 22, 2009. As many of us contemplate upgrading, one thing we'll definitely need to keep in mind is compatibility with our old devices. Those of you who painfully upgraded to Vista only to find out that certain peripherals such as your PDA, printer, or scanner no longer worked can testify to the importance of compatibility.

Theoretically, Windows 7 is supposed to have a wider choice of built-in and online accessible drivers than Vista had. If this is true, we would assume our old devices should function as well, if not better, in Windows 7. In addition, Windows 7 has a unique Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode that is suppose to allow you to use your old Windows XP drivers under the new OS, allowing for even greater compatibility.

Of course, theory and reality don't always meet. Many techs are hopeful that Windows 7 will solve some of the perils of compatibility that Vista brought to light. Of course, the true test will be time as well as trial and error.

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