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Accessories & Peripherals

PDAs aren't limited to the functionality that is available out of the box. With accessories and peripherals, you can make your PDA even more useful than it currently is.

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Running out of power on your PDA or other favorite electronic device can be a problem while traveling, especially if you have critical information that you need to access. Since it's not always possible to find (and stay near) an outlet while traveling, portable power options can be quite useful.

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There are many different kinds of cases that can protect your PDA. Check out some of the most popular PDA cases and case designs.

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Memory Cards for Your PDA
In this article, we'll take a closer look at various memory card storage formats so you can have a better idea as to which type of memory your PDA can use.

Must-Have PDA Accessories: Palm, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobil…
There are numerous accessories available for your PDA. Whether you're interested in a particular type of case, memory expansion, a screen protector, or a different accessory, there's surely a product out there that will fit your needs.

Top PDA Accessories
In order to get maximum functionality out of your PDA, you'll want to buy a few accessories. Here are a few items you'll want to consider.

Sena Cases
Sena Cases offers protective leather cases for your PDA.

OtterBox Cases
Find an extremely durable case for your PDA.

Use a screen protector with your PDA, such as one from BodyGuardz.

Find PDA cases and other accessories at BoxWave.

iGo Chargers
Charge your PDA on the go with an iGo adapter.

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