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PDAs July 2009 Archive


SBSH Updates GoNews Touch for Windows Mobile

Thursday July 30, 2009
SBSH Mobile Software released an update for its best selling news reader application, GoNews Touch for Windows Mobile Touch devices. The latest version, 1.1, can automatically synchronize with your ... Read More

Another AvantGo Alternative: SPB News 2.0

Wednesday July 29, 2009
When AvantGo stopped providing mobile Web content at the end of June, many readers were disappointed. A few alternatives were available at the time, but now SPB is announcing ... Read More

Resco Releases Contact Manager 2nd Edition

Tuesday July 28, 2009
The latest version of Resco Contact Manager 2nd Edition is now available. This new version features enhanced Facebook integration, support for Google Maps, a customizable Today Plug-in, and group ... Read More

Ilium Updates Free Screen Capture Utility

Tuesday July 21, 2009
Ilium Software has updated its free Screen Capture utility for Windows Mobile devices. The new version includes a few bug fixes as well as a cool new icon. More importantly, ... Read More

AIM 2.0 Beta for Windows Mobile Released

Monday July 20, 2009
AOL has updated AIM for Windows Mobile. The new version, AIM for Windows Mobile 2.0 Beta, includes bug fixes as well as new “Lifestream” and “Me” tabs. The Lifestream tab ... Read More

Palm Releases Mojo SDK Beta for webOS

Sunday July 19, 2009
Palm’s new operating system for mobile devices is likely to see a lot more applications soon, thanks to the recent release of the Mojo Software Development Kit (SDK) for the ... Read More

More Details Regarding the Windows Mobile Marketplace Emerge

Wednesday July 15, 2009
Microsoft gave us some additional details about its upcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile at the recent Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans. For starters, this upcoming application store will open ... Read More

Can You Run a Business From a Handheld Device?

Tuesday July 14, 2009
Could you run your business, or conduct a full day’s worth of work, from a small, handheld device such as a PDA? It’s an interesting thought. Of course, can ... Read More

Favorite Palm RSS Readers

Sunday July 12, 2009
RSS readers provide a great way to stay up to date with the latest news on your PDA. I’ve rounded up a list of ten RSS readers that will work ... Read More

Charge4All Announces Portable Charging Mat

Thursday July 9, 2009
If you’re looking for a convenient way to charge multiple devices at once, you might want to consider the new Portable Charging Mat from Charge4All. This mat lets you charge ... Read More

Accelerometers Becoming More Common

Thursday July 9, 2009
New research from iSuppli Corporation claims that accelerometers are expected to appear in one-third of mobile phones shipped next year. Accelerometers detect and measure motion, enabling features such as ... Read More

Free Palm Apps

Sunday July 5, 2009
BLORGE recently published a list of what it is calling the Top 40 Best Free Palm Apps. They have some good suggestions on the list as well as ... Read More

New Review: V-MODA Vibe II with Microphone

Thursday July 2, 2009
Since your PDA can play MP3s and other audio files, there’s really no need to carry a separate MP3 player in addition to your PDA. Simply load your favorite tracks ... Read More

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